When The Seasons Change: Zach DeWall (Set It Off)

In just three short years, Set It Off has grown from a humble start on YouTube to writing and releasing original music that has garnered over 13k fans on Facebook, over 1.1 million plays on MySpace, and earned them performances alongside My Chemical Romance, A Day To Remember and more. Set It Off features Cody Carson [vocals], Dan Clermont [guitar], Zach DeWall [guitar], Austin Kerr [bass], and Maxx Danziger [drums], who fuse together their classically trained, technical backgrounds with in your-face contemporary elements to create an explosive blend of theatric orchestral-pop. Despite their demanding touring schedule, the worst part about leaving for tour for SIO is the early mornings!

We seem to always leave for tour in the earliest hours of the a.m. I’m always groggy as hell and climb into the van trying to grab the best bench spot to sleep in. As soon as we hit the road traveling to the first venue I get this rush of feelings and thoughts like, “I wonder if the band/bands we are going on tour with will be cool dudes?” and “I can’t wait to play the first show and see all the familler faces and have a great time!” Of course I always miss home in the back of my mind though. I wish there was more time in the day where I could just catch up with my friends and see where their days are going, like I do when I am home. The thing I don’t miss is trying to find a job when I am home to be able to pay for normal day to day stuff that I don’t have to worry abouton tour. Tour is such a big part of my life now that I sometimes forget that I do anything else. It’s an amazing feeling though and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It would be awesome if I could bring all my friends from back home on the road with me. Knowing them, they would love it just as much as I do. You learn a lot from tour that I don’t think you can really learn anywhere else. Thanks for reading!

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