The Band That Changed Everything: Cherri Bomb

California rockers Julia Pierce and Rena Lovelis of Hollywood Records’ newly signed Cherri Bomb dish out which bands make them cry, get pumped, and inspire them to make music. When I was introduced to My Chemical Romance, my life completely changed. The first song I ever heard was “Ghost of You.” After hearing the song and crying to that music video, I instantly felt a deep connection and was in love with them. They are a band I’ve always turned to when I needed music to cure me. What I find so inspiring about this band, is that they literally save lives, and through their music they send such a powerful message to their fans all over the world. Seeing them in concert and watching fans go wild motivates me to want Cherri Bomb to have fans JUST like that. This band reminds me of why I want to be doing this for the rest of my life.
-Julia (lead vocals / guitar)
The one band that made me realize I wanted to play music was Nine Inch Nails. They have fierce stage presence that really gets their fans energized, awesome songs, and the sound just made me want to pick up an instrument and learn to play immediately! They’ve been a huge inspiration to me and are STILL one of my favorite bands ever!- Rena (vocals/bass)Cherri Bomb- ‘Let it Go’

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