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We at NKDMAG are always happy to receive new and fresh content related to the niches of fashion, beauty, shopping, celebrity news, music, and travel. Interesting and quality guest posts are allowed only that aligns well to the relevant and related niches.

Before you submit, below are some of our content requirements that you must read so that the process is streamlined for us and our editors.

Content Requirements

  • Only good quality, relevant and original content will be considered.
  • The word count should range between 800 – 1000 words.
  • Only two relevant external links are allowed.
  • Relevant images under the heading should be added. With at least one featured image.
  • Subheading starting with the questions HOW, WHAT and WHY are preferable but not necessary.
  • A meta title of 60 characters and a meta description of 135 characters should be provided with the article. They should contain the relevant keywords.
  • Article should be checked for grammatical errors before submission.
  • The article provided must be completely human written without any plagiarism. AI written content will not be published.

You can WRITE FOR US in the following categories

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Music
  • Shopping
  • Travel
  • Celebrities
  • Acoustic Performances
  • Album Reviews
  • Artist Spotlight
  • Concerts
  • In store appearances
  • Morning shows
  • Radio events
  • Song premieres
  • Tour Diaries
  • Tv Film


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Our main aim is to deliver high quality, relevant, meaningful, and informative content to the audience. Writers with unique perspective and expertise are highly encouraged to contribute to our site.

Submit your content and any queries at: catherine@nkdmag.com