When The Seasons Change: Will Smith (Barely Blind)

From Beaumont, Texas to the world, four-piece rock outfit Barely Blind has forged their own path through the ever-changing music industry landscape. With their brand new album Wilder Child of a Thousand Suns, the band continues their relentless charge while staking their claim in the Los Angeles music scene. Check out what frontman, Will Smith, has to say about touring during the holidays.

Being on tour during the holiday season is sometimes a very difficult thing to deal with. Not only do you miss everything about your family, pet, girlfriend, etc., it’s always freezing cold! We, Barely Blind, are from Texas. So when winter rolls around, we’re always thrown into a complete state of shock. But now, we are facing whole different monster. This past September, we all moved to Los Angeles. And it only recently occurred to me that there is only one season here! I’m also not exactly sure if people celebrate Christmas in this city. This is a very beautiful and interesting place to be but we’re all going to have to adjust once again. I am used to long drives and numb hands, but now there’s going to be consistently warm weather and the occasional earthquake! Nonetheless, I am very excited to get into the holiday spirit with my band and celebrate the season on and off the road.

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