When The Seasons Change: Tim Friesen (Close Your Eyes)

For our November guest blog series, “When the Season Changes”, we ask artists to write about the ups and downs of tour, and what they miss (if anything) about staying in one place. For Close Your Eyes’ drummer Tim Friesen, leaving home isn’t the problem, although sleeping in a real bed would be nice.

I’m kind of in a unique situation because I’m a Canadian playing in an American band. We have been touring heavily right now, so I don’t get the chance to go home very often. I’ve been home for about a day and a half since the beginning of the year. Being away from home really hasn’t been that bad because most of my friends have spouses, careers and kids keeping them busy, but as the year comes to and end, I am sure I will start to get a little homesick.
When I am not home I mainly miss hanging out at my parents’ place, seeing my dog and a few close friends that I still stay in contact with via skype, text message or facebook. I’ve always been the type that didn’t really get terribly attached to locations, so leaving didn’t bother me that much. I love seeing new places so being somewhere different all the time doesn’t bother me. The only thing I wish I could bring with me is my motorcycle. I really miss being able to ride with friends, and of course being able to sleep in a real bed.

Close Your Eyes- Valleys (2011)

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