When The Seasons Change: Soul Glow Activatur (Family Force 5)

Mix a handful of thunderous beats and a dash of dirty Souf swagger in a bucket filled with Southern-fried, greasy guitar. Then roast ingredients all day in the sweltering Georgia heat, pepper with good-time lyrics, and enjoy the spicy southern rock jambalaya of FAMILY FORCE 5. Since 2005, the genre-obliterating Atlanta quintet has been setting audiences’ feet alight with their incendiary dance-rock anthems, turning that dance floor into hot coals, refusing to let fans keep their kicks still.  The band has been touring non-stop for years, so it’s easy to get a little homesick. Check out what frontman Soul Glow Activatur misses from home while on the road.

Leaving in the fall is tough because we miss out on a ton of family time at home. Decorating for Christmas is always a November thing for us and we always have to rush the tree finding when we get home. My garden at home always dies too! I know I probably sound like some over obsessed Martha Stewart type, which I am, but after all my hard work the frost kills all my plants! I hate it! Other than that, the fall looks awesome in the mountains. The leaves look great and it’s fun to jump in a pile of them or get a good fire going. Thanks and this has been a random message from Family Force 5!

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