When The Seasons Change: Devon Voisine (Life On Repeat)

It’s been one hell of a year for Maryland quintet Life on Repeat. After heading back into the studio with Taylor Larson [Sky Eats Airplane, Of Legends], they’ve finished their debut full-length, “Struggle +Sleep”. Unfortunately for bassist Devon Voisine, touring has been a little more struggle and a little less sleep. Find out what’s exactly going on for the boys of LOR in this installment of When The Seasons Change.

Touring and living on the road is bitter sweet. In one aspect, you’re touring the country, meeting new people, seeing new things. However, it also means that you are away from home and away from friends and family. The best way to keep in touch with people close to you is over the phone, whether it is by an actual phone call or text. Also, Facebook is another way to keep in touch with everyone and see what they are up to. Facebook makes it bittersweet as well. Especially touring during the summertime for me,  because I come from a tourist beach town, (Ocean City, MD) where everything fun happens during a three month span. So for example, I’ll be in some bum fuck town in the middle of nowhere and get on Facebook and see that all of my friends back home are out having a blast wakeskating or going to some awesome event together. This year we had the Dew Tour come to town; It was one of the biggest events OCMD has ever had. At the time I was on tour with Greeley Estates though and therefore unable to take part in the fun. Even though I missed all the fun at home we still had a shit ton of fun on that tour!

Being on tour is like living an entirely separate, different life than when I am home. One of the reasons I love touring is that I get to sleep in pretty much everyday (Well,  I consider anything past 9 sleeping in.) When we are not on tour I have to be up at 7:00 a.m. for work. So not having to wake up early and just not working in general is awesome. A big thing I miss on tour is being able to walk into my kitchen and eating or drinking whenever you want haha. It probably sounds a little odd but it’s one of the things I hate about tour. You pretty much have to wait to eat until whenever the van stops for gas. And then when we do stop it’s at a gas station. After awhile I start to get sick of it. Also, being in a different unfamiliar area, you do not know where anything is. Most of the time there are no places to eat located around the venues we play, so the quest for good food does make for a fun adventure each day. Traveling the country we do end up finding some awesome food. We get to eat at places that can’t be found in or around our hometown, like Cook Out or Zaxbys. Mainly I am always on the search for good sushi restaurants though!

The one thing I wish I could bring on tour with me would be all my friends. We get to meet a lot of awesome people on the road and we love partying with them but you cannot ever replace your friends from home. People that you have grown up with will always hold more value. Some of my friends I have known since I was just 10 years old, so I have known them for most of my life. It would be fucking awesome to be able to take them on tour. Just stuff them in the trailer and go haha.

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