When The Seasons Change: Aria Yavarinejad (For All I Am)

Not wasting anytime in sharing their positive message and showing the world what they’re capable of, the freshly formed Chicago, IL based quintet has already self-released their debut EP Lone Wolf. The five-track album was released on November 1st, 2011 – the same day that the band announced their signing to Albany, NY-based indie label, Equal Vision Records. Currently at home, the band is enjoying the simple pleasures… like sleeping in their own beds. Check out what tour life is like for these Albany boys!
Tour seems to be something that develops bands both as individuals and as a team. Along with good times, there are tough times and things that you miss at home.
You often have to sleep on the floor of a van and it can be rough. Personally, I can get cozy anywhere and I can adjust to touring environments well, but I will miss being able to go downstairs in my boxers and grab something out of the fridge, as opposed to buying food and eating it in the van. I have to be very creative on tour to be comfortable and keep my sanity. Gaming has also been a huge part of my life. I know I may seem a bit nerdy but video games are probably my life. I love it, don’t call me crazy! Video gaming is probably scarce on tour but that’s okay, I’m more then excited to do what I love. Plus, it’ll be nice to get a killer tan on warmer tours!
Most people miss family while on tour, but I’ve been pretty used to not having my family around. For the past four years I have been living by my own rules and making my own choices, I haven’t really had parental figures around for me. I love my parents and they love me, but physically we’ve been apart for a long time. I will definitely miss my second family though, which are my friends back at home. They’ve helped me through a lot of things and helped the band get to where we are. We hope to bring most of them out on tour with us one day, but obviously that’s impossible for a band just starting out. We wish them the best at home!
We love our friends back at home along with some awesome bands (that will hopefully get picked up soon and be on the road with us.) It’s going to be tough leaving our local scene at home. The local bands at home are something I’ve grown up with. They’ve done nothing but support us and show us a love that can never be replicated. We’re all about team work when it comes to music, and we all need each other to make this life better for ourselves. 
So, I won’t be missing too much when I’m away on tour, but the things I do have at home are very essential to me. Tour is a new life for me, and I plan on mastering it. I especially can’t wait to get our name out there and meet new people. I’m always down for a good conversation. Fans are new people I’ve never met or ever talked to and I’m more then excited to get to know them and to share our music with them. Touring has been something I’ve been waiting for my whole life. 

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