The Band That Changed Everything: Cash Colligan (Play For Keeps)

Over the last few years Play For Keeps has made a huge name for themselves on the West Coast. Hailing from Last Vegas, the band members were exposed a wide variety of musicians growing up. Interestingly enough, bassist Cash Colligan found his inspiration in a laid back, Santa Monica band. Check out who Cash’s inspiration was and ‘like’ Play For Keeps on Facebook!

Growing up I played a lot of sports, almost too many. One day, I was driving in the backseat of my friends car and he asked “hey, have you ever heard of these guys?” as he began an over 9 minute long song. That song was “Kostantine” by Something Corporate. I instantly fell in love with his song writing and wanted to become a writer. A few months down the road I venture on to start my first music project. So thanks, Andrew. If it weren’t for you, I’d be a jock.

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