If you ask JoLivi to describe herself in a few words she would say – “Curious, Loving, Confident, and definitely Resilient.” For Los Angeles based singer songwriter, JoLivi, these adjectives also describe the music she makes. The stunning visuals for “Chains” take you along an emotional rollercoaster with JoLivi: Flashes of the songstress in a fiery red dress, manifesting the passion of the song; chained like the emotions she expresses in every line; a tearful car ride reminiscing about her ex who inspired the track. Each scene taps into an aspect of the journey of overcoming heartbreak – a road we’ve all been down. “I wanted the video to be simple but also express the feelings of being weighed by a relationship and having 60 pounds of chains wrapped around me was a definite reminder,” JoLivi says, “The scenes where I am moving around in the light express the breaking free out of those chains and moving on.”

Check out the exclusive premiere below!

Written by Catherine Powell

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