What Brand Offers Try Before You Buy Online?

Online Shopping

We all buy things online. That’s probably a safe guess nowadays, right? Online shopping has good and bad sides. Sometimes, it can’t beat the real-life experience of going to a store. Things like augmented reality (AR) try to make online shopping more like in-store shopping, but it’s not perfect yet.

So, how can people still try out new styles, colors, and sizes without paying first? It seems like trying before buying is the answer.

AR Still Needs Work

Even in 2023, augmented reality isn’t perfect yet. Last week, PYMNTS talked to Wayne Liu, a top person at Perfect Corp., about their work in this area. “We’re trying hard to get better,” Liu said.

They’re using AI technology and AI GC (artificial intelligence with generative content) to improve. Plus, they want to expand into fashion, like accessories and jewelry, to reach more customers. They want to make tech available to everyone, not just a few people. They call this “democratizing technology.”

But even with that, AR still needs work. That’s why Try Before You Buy is promising.

Trying Before Buying

The idea is simple: let customers try things at home before buying them.

By not making people pay first, they can try out products like they would in a store. This helps mix convenience with the experience of real shopping.

People like this because they can try new styles or sizes without having to pay first. It’s especially helpful for things like shoes, where people might need different sizes.

Why People Like Try Before You Buy

“For myself: the chance to try something new, and for my kids: trying different-sized shoes,” said Olivia March Dreizen Howell on Twitter.

Think about your own online shopping. Do you usually buy things right away, or do you wait and think about it? Many people hesitate when buying clothes or shoes online. Try Before You Buy deals with this.

When people try things first, they feel more connected to them. They’re less likely to return them later. People also tend to think the first price they see is fair. So if they try something and like it, they’re more likely to keep it.

What It Means for Brands and Retailers

Try Before You Buy can make customers happier and more confident in their choices. It can also make them more likely to keep what they buy and not return it.

This option can also boost sales. It helps people feel more sure about buying things online. It’s a great way for brands and retailers to turn people who just look into people who buy.

Try Before You Buy might also mean free shipping or free returns. Some brands are doing this to cover costs.

Who’s Doing It?

Amazon is trying it, and so are others like Zappos, Warby Parker, and Stitch Fix. They’re using similar ideas in fashion and eyewear.

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