Here’s How You Can Select the Best Cologne for Men

Best Cologne for Men

Choosing perfume for your man can feel overwhelming, but we’ve got your back! We’ve crafted a guide to help you pick the perfect scent for him based on his personality and style.

His Style: Classic

His scent preference: Aromatic and Citrus

Who he is: He’s a traditional, confident guy who loves timeless classics. A fragrance is his go-to for feeling empowered and fresh, whether he’s at work or chilling out. Opt for an aromatic, refreshing scent with a masculine touch.

According to fragrance expert Mehdi, “Aromatic scents are a staple in men’s perfumery, blending clean, invigorating notes that are reminiscent of classic grooming products.” Lavender is a key player here, known for its clean, comforting vibe.

Fragrance suggestions: Look for scents like Giordani Gold Mister Giordani EDT or Glacier EDT, featuring fresh vetiver, citrus, and herbal notes.

His Style: Bold

His scent preference: Woody and Aromatic

Who he is: He’s a trendsetter who loves to make a statement. He craves a unique, vibrant scent that turns heads. For Mr. Trailblazer, go for an edgy fragrance with woody and fruity notes for an unforgettable vibe.

Mehdi suggests, “Men who want to stand out seek signature fragrances with character. Woody, ambery scents always catch attention.”

Fragrance suggestions: Try Possess the Secret EDP for Men or Eclat Style Parfum, featuring bold bergamot, sage, and leathery notes.

His Style: Sensual

His scent preference: Oriental and Woody

Who he is: He’s charismatic and sophisticated, with a taste for the exotic. Perfume is his way of indulging in sensuality and charm. Oriental and woody scents perfectly match his mysterious allure.

Mehdi notes, “Men who use fragrance to impress tend to appreciate aromatic scents with a warm, woody finish. Oriental scents are ideal for adding allure, especially in winter.”

Fragrance suggestions: Consider Lost in You For Him or Ascendant EDT, with spicy, seductive notes and a hint of sweetness.

His Style: Casual but elegant

His scent preference: Citrus and Woody

Who he is: He’s laid-back yet adventurous, seeking a daily pick-me-up. His fragrance choice is all about feeling good and staying energized. Look for light, natural scents with a touch of masculinity.

“He wants an easy, elegant fragrance that makes him feel confident and accepted,” says Mehdi.

Fragrance suggestions: Opt for scents with fresh citrus and woody undertones, perfect for his relaxed yet refined vibe.

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