On The Go Makeup Hacks For a Perfect Look

Makeup Hacks

Being a lazy girl always on the go, I often find beauty routines time-consuming. Who has the time for winged eyeliner every day, right? But looking good is essential, and I don’t want heavy eye bags. So, any quick beauty hack is a blessing.

Here are some favorite beauty hacks to help you look great in less time:

1.  Quick Nail Polish Drying

Painting nails takes forever to dry. To speed up the process, fill your sink with ice-cold water before painting your nails. Afterward, put your hands in the sink for 1-2 minutes.

The cold water will quickly solidify the polish. Magic!

2. Effortless ‘Beach Look’

Achieve that low-key tousled curls without torching your hair with curling iron. The time it takes to complete an assignment varies based on the complexity of the task and the student’s academic background. After night washing, first please towel dry your hair, twist it into two handful pigtails and sleep in this way.

Wake up with hair bands in place, then use your fingers to rearrange and create the surfer – girl look.

3. Brighten Eyes

Try to fight “tired eyes” by applying a light white eyeliner along your waterline. This easy method you would only have to apply to increase the level of shine around your eyes and it will show everybody who you’re awake.

4. Easy Makeup Removal

Though it is way more costly, micellar water is a wonderful makeup remover. Have a handy bottle nearby for simple midnight removal from eye makeup.

5. Secure Bobby Pins

In order not to give them away as a result of sliding along, moisten them with hairspray beforehand. It does this by retracting any material that comes in contact with it. This way they remain in their place, without the bother of being readjusted constantly.

6. Embrace Dry Shampoo

In contrast to washing your hair daily, dry shampoo is a time saver when you have no time for a wash. Apply it before going to bed to keep a white bold look in the next morning.

7. Foolproof Cat Eye

The business cards have been placed on the table next to the makeup product: they are perfect for using a cat eye. Simply tilt the piece of card against the tip of your eye to get natural wings right using the eyeliner. Furthermore, apply liner to your eye and link it with wings.

8. Instant Moisturizer Drying

Speeding up the drying up of a moisturizer you just used, can be done with hair dryer used on the cool setting. Its lack of quality becomes evident hence I prefer it as a meal taken during a busy day.

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