If you haven’t seen Miley Cyrus’ new video for Wrecking Ball, you must be living under a rock. The girl knows how to get people talking – that’s for sure. The song itself is amazing and truly highlights Miley’s vocals… which are flawless, if you were wondering. But on top of the song, the video is a beautiful work of cinematography. Here’s 10 reasons you can’t stop talking about Wrecking Ball.

1) She looked absolutely stunning in the opening scene.


2) The scenery (before she destroys it) is just an awesome visual.


3) She licked a sledgehammer.


4) She straddled a wrecking ball.


5) She looked absolutely gorgeous just holding the sledgehammer.


6) This is her body and you’re jealous.


7) She was naked on the wrecking ball.


8) Still naked.


9) There was almost a nip slip.tumblr_msw2894Hcx1sztz0lo5_1280

10) She proved she can still act with this emotional, tearful ending.

For all you cave dwellers, watch the video:

Written by Catherine Powell

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