Last we left you, we were en route to Pittsburgh, Ish was a gossip, Chris’s staples were healing, and we were drunk a little.

Pittsburgh was awesome.  We played at a venue called The Smiling Moose.  Though it was up literally close to 30 stairs (loading up our gear  was a shit ass) the show was pretty great.  Saw some familiar faces, and met lots of new ones.  Most importantly, we met our new friends from Clique Vodka, who now endorses our band.  AKA they give us lots of booze.

After the show, we hung out with these new friends of ours. They took us up to the top of the city on this cliff.  It was wild.  Mike broke a bottle of vodka they gave us, which gave them a great first impression of us and we were all very proud of him.  We took some photos for them and followed them to an open mic, where we got drunker.  Open mics in Pittsburgh as far as I can tell are better than the ones in Salem MA.

We left the open mic in a blur and headed to a famous sandwich shop in Pittsburgh called Cremanti Brothers.  We had delicious sandwiches at 2 am, said goodbye to our new friends, and passed out in the van.

You may remember that Andy from Bangarang’s fucked us in the asshole.  We know some of the other folks at that venue, and they are a pleasure to work with, but we worked with this new person, and he fucked our assholes and butts and shits.  So we were unable to play the next date in KY.  Which is unfortunate because I felt like it was going to be a really good show.  Oh well, maybe one day we will be able to play there.

We made the long drive to Peoria IL and met up with our friend Nic Bell.  We shared great stories of crack overdoses over a bottle of Clique vodka and some burgers and potatoes.  Nic lives at the Brass Rail, which is the venue we were playing the next day.  Something happened to Chris when we weren’t looking and he ended up sleeping in the middle of the floor of the bar.  I blame Clique.

We left the rail and headed to Flannel Mouth’s house.  They are a wonderful group of young gentlemen who recorded and released their cd the next day at our show.  On the way a stupid coyote ran in front of our van and we hit it mid air.  Don’t worry though, we went back to check on him, and to our surprise, he wasn’t doing so hot.  It maybe was the saddest thing any of us had scene.  Mr. Chark had to take out his gun and put it out of its misery.  Then he wanted to take it to cook, but we stopped him.  We left and arrived at the FM house, slept, and headed out to the show the next day.

The show was pretty good.  We had the extreme pleasure of playing with a band called The Browning.  The thing about them is I like their name.  The other thing I like about them was getting to watch Ish (our merch guy) mosh to them.  Like a squid.  I don’t remember much else about them besides that, but I felt like I needed to say something about their name.

We crashed again at the Fuck mouth palace.  Had a great breakfast the next morning and hit the road to St. Louis.  We had a radio interview that we needed to get to.  On the way Ben said I had to drink vodka.  That was only after I asked him if I should to be fair.  So I was drunk in the radio interview but whatever.

The radio interview was pretty fun, we talked about nothing really.  I don’t know if it helped our band out at all because we were just talking, but nonetheless it was fun.

We played that night at Fubar in St. Louis.  The show was the worst one so far, and to make matters worse, by the time our set was over I was very hung over off of vodka.  The lovely bartender Ashley fed me waters till I was feeling better.  I slept on a bench in the venue.

Last night we played in Tyler TX at this warehouse.  It was pretty cool.  Everyone is really nice, but Texas is a weird place.  I think everyone smokes cigarettes and goes to church.  I drew an upside cross on someone.  Mr. Chark went wild with his fake tooth, and put it in places that it shouldn’t be.  Like a coffee container, or my mouth.

The show went well, and we got to hang out with our good friends in Victorian Halls, who think they are really hip now because they have strobe lights.  Sick live show, bro.

Crashed at some friends of ours in Tyler, and now we’re on our way to Dallas to play with our friend Jake Mai.  He’s great.

This is joe.  AKA lil’Bo Meanie.

Written by Catherine Powell