Tour started on Friday, Aug. 9 in Danbury, Conn.

It was a long day because I also moved out of my house early that morning which caused us to be late to the show. (Which for those who know, is a very common thing for OLN) haha.

BUT it was an incredible show, lots of new faces and kids singing VERY loud.

Next day we played a sold out festival in Wareham, Mass. with Vanna, Lions Lions along with a lot of other awesome bands. This was more of a hometown show for us, so it was amazing to have all these kids coming out and showing us so much love. New England will forever be my favorite. After that fun show, we stayed at our friends house right on the beach, so it was nice relaxing after a hot sweaty show.

Allentown, Pa. was the next day. We have probably played this city over 15 times by now, so it almost feels like home to us. Our manager came out to the show, and its always fun hangin with him. And it was another sick show with a high energetic crowd.

After the show we drove to our hotel right outside New York, cause we had to get up early so we could beat the traffic and find parking which is always the most miserable thing to do. And of course by the end of the night we ended up with two $150 tickets. BUT the show completely insane. Packed out, hot and good vibes. We all had such an incredible time.

Pittsburgh was the day after, and of course we we’re stuck in the worst traffic for hours on the way to the show. SO with that being said we got to the show about 45 minutes before we played… The best part about that night (besides the show) was the basketball hoop right behind where our van was parked, and those of you who know me whatsoever, I am ALL about that.

That brings us to the next show in Newport, Ky. at the Thompson House. We had played this venue a few months before with our friends in The Color Morale, so I was already familiar with the place. Very fun spot to play, and any venue with a Five Guys Burgers & Fries directly across the street is ALWAYS gunna be a favorite of mine. Show went smooth, and the crowd was loud and energetic.

After Newport we had a long over night drive to Douglasville, Ga. Also keep in mind our running lights on our trailer have not worked all tour, so driving at night is a gamble whether or not we’re gunna pulled over by the cops and get a ticket. Luckily we have not yet (knock on wood).

In Douglasville we play a great venue owned by the nicest people called The Seven Venue, they give us a place to stay and cook us incredible food all night. This is another venue we have played over 10 times.

We had a few fans come up to us saying they drove over five hours to come see the show, and that is always such a crazy thing to hear.

Not the BEST sound in the world but needless to say we still had a lot of fun playing that night.

Here are some pictures from the tour:

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Written by Catherine Powell

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