For the next few weeks we’ll be giving you an inside look on life on tour with Ionia! Check out the first entry from Blaise and keep checking back for more updates from the road!

Flat tires, bad food, fist fights, pure hatred for your best friends,
fleabag hotels, sleeping three hours a night, giving up all personal
space, giving up your friends and family, feeling isolated, an outsider,
a white line warrior, counting thin yellow lines. With the only thing
that’s for sure is pavement and man smell.

This is the road. And we would not have it any other way.

We don’t play in a band for some endless pursuit of a cliche rock ‘n roll dream we saw in
some 80’s movie or on a POISON VH1 behind the music, we do this because
it’s what we must do. We do it because for those couple of moments every
night we get to stand on stage and feel a connection with others.
For a brief couple of seconds we are not all separate or that different,
not assigned to some click or scene, but part of the human race. And
that’s worth any sacrifice, any oath and any physical or mental test.
We’re in a band. It’s not something I would wish on my enemies. It’s not
something I would recommend to the ones I care for.

An instrument can be learned, talent you are born with. But being in a
band on the road is a test of patience, understanding, and will. It can’t
be a thing you want to do, but something you must do.

There needs to be something inside of you that tells all your fears, all
your paranoia, and all your regrets, that you will not and can not be
stopped regardless of the obstacle. We are lungs that must breath and with
every CO2 and every heavy carbon we take on it is worth it for that
fraction of oxygen.

Music is our oxygen. Everything else is just exhaust
That we must not fight, but greet with a smile, and keep reaching for
cleaner air. So bring on the road and all that comes with it.Because in the words of Jack Kerouac:

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”


Written by Catherine Powell

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