If you’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars from the beginning, you’ll know this season finale was kind of a huge deal. While the entire finale was a never ending “OMG” moment, here were some of the worst:

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8) So Noel Kahn showing up was random, but Brant Daugherty can take over my television screen any day, thank you very much. The real question is — what are Noel’s secrets? And how long has he known Ali was alive?

7) Melissa’s return from London. Still creepy, still suspicious. I got the craziest amount of goosebumps when she told her father she knew who killed the girl in Ali’s grave. You’re sketch. Go back to the UK, please.

6) Alison and dorky Mona. That was just uncomfortable to watch. And as predicted, Mona had another agenda in mind. She can never just help another human.

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5) Spencer didn’t do it! Thank GOD.

4) Who the FUCK just hit Ali on the head with a rock? But more importantly, Jessica DiLaurentis burying her daughter alive. So in what parenting guidebook is that ever acceptable?

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3) The writers and producers of PLL decided to not unmask A. Guess we’ll be sitting on our butts for another five seasons then….

2) EZRA’S SHOT WOUND. Okay, yeah, he launched himself onto an armed A, so he was practically asking for it… But we still have a soft spot for the guy. His bullet went straight into my feelings. Of course he’d get shot right after saying, “I know who you are.” Of COURSE.

1) Jessica DiLaurentis… dead. In a ditch. Following the same fate her daughter did a few summers before. Casual. Keep in mind – she might be the only person who knew who hit Ali. And now she’s dead. Lovely.

Written by Catherine Powell

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