Every musician has that one song that they’ll always be proud of no matter what. Whether it’s lyrics, melodies, composition, there’s something about it that will always be considered something great to them. For the month of April, we’ll be talking to different artists about what song they’re most proud of! Check out Tiffany Thornton of Disney Channel’s So Random!‘s answer!

Being a songwriter makes it especially hard to pick a favorite song because each one means so much to me for different reasons, but there is one song I’ve written that is very special called “Pillow Catch My Tears”. I had the title for 3 years and never wrote the song because the timing or the mood just never felt right. I had the honor of co-writing this song at Martina McBride’s studio in Nashville with two amazing song writers named Rachel Thibodeau and Jeff Cohen. I cried while we wrote it because it is so close to my heart. The song evokes a sense of regret and love at the same time. I could see the song as a movie before I wrote it so I felt so attached to each word. The chorus talks about being able to go back and tell someone you love them one more time and have another chance at that lost love wondering if that would make them stay, if it could have somehow changed the course of time and kept you in each other’s arms. I think all girls have had that moment after a break up where it feels the only thing keeping their heart from breaking completely in two is the pillow beneath their cheek that cradles the tears they are crying. It is a piano ballad that tugs at my heart strings but in all the right ways. I hope other people can hear the song and relate to it, feel that they are not alone in whatever they are going through.

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Written by Catherine Powell