Jacob Jeffries Band will be playing a ton of shows and festivals this summer, but frontman, Jacob Jeffries, will also be working as a camp counselor! Following the camp session, the band will be making a big move to the Big Apple. Learn about all this and more below!

Summer in Florida doesn’t mean much. Ok, I take that back. Growing up in South Florida, the summer sun dictated a higher water bill for my folks –  sprinklers were continuously running for misty block party baths in the front yard and the slip n’ slide needed constant lubrication. When you’re neighbors with the equator, you beat the heat anyway you can.  One summer, I think it was 8th grade, I joined a musical theatre workshop called Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts and have been a proud member of their staff since 2010, writing full length musicals with children ages 13-19.  Pretty awesome stuff. These kids are incredibly talented. So, naturally this summer I plan on serving my routine staff member shift with the Lovewell Institute.  The summer calendar for Jacob Jeffries Band is splotchy but solid. We played at the historic Olympia Theater in downtown Miami w/ Eric Hutchinson, which was every bit as magical as it sounds. We are playing a humongous 4th of July festival w/ Sister Hazel – stoked!   YAY, a  ROADTRIP to Florida’s panhandle next week is sure to be a blast as we visit one of our favorite venues – the Seaside Amphitheater in Seaside, FL.  We round out this summer with a big performance at the Miami Marlins stadium in Miami, FL for an after game concert at the end of July!  Sports and Music = the loves of my life.  Coupled with some nice press coming out about our newest album, “Tell Me Secrets” and these highlight reel gigs, I feel like this summer is one of positivity and progress.  It feels less lazy and more…hyper.  And when the summer curtains close in August, we (Jacob Jeffries Band) plan to make the move north to the greatest city in the world- NEW YORK.  Surely, an intense move, but a necessary one indeed. More crazy folks to inspire new songs I suppose.  Until then, another sweltering summer in South Florida. Times they are a changing – our music is certainly maturing and our fanbase is getting stronger, one precious person at a time. One thing remains the same here though, it is horrendously hot. Just ask the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Miami Heat is hard to beat.   

Written by Catherine Powell