Channeling popular all-female groups such as The Pusssycat Dolls and Destiny’s Child, the X Factor-winning, four-piece British group Little Mix is set to release their upcoming album, Salute on February 4th in the United States. This album debuted at number four on the UK Albums Chart and is anticipated to also do well in the U.S. The R&B-infused pop album comprises of twelve energetic tracks that possess different qualities, giving fans a wide variety of music to go through and enjoy.

Salute opens with the track also entitled “Salute” wherein listeners are welcomed with a notorious military trumpet call, a unique but identifiable concept, and a great introduction. The lyrics of this song emphasize the call to represent ladies all over the world via the use of military-like metaphors. The upbeat and catchy chorus leads us into the continuous, buoyant vibe of the rest of the album. Following this track is its first single called, “Move.” Like most of the songs in this album, “Move” is also an upbeat track, but it refreshingly leans towards the choreograph-able aspect of pop and R&B as opposed to the ever so common electronic-dance feel that the music industry is faced with nowadays.

“Towers” and “These Four Walls” break the upbeat dynamic of this release with their slow and steady semblances, contrasting the rest of the record really well. “Competition” is definitely a track one should look out for because of the incredible vocals and the raw piano instrumentation that accompanies it.

Each song contains unique introductions that will appeal to different listeners and make them want to stay and hear the whole thing. Despite the individual differences in dynamic of each track, the common denominator for all of them is the empowering message behind the lyrics addressed to girls all over the world about believing in themselves.

Little Mix does a nice job incorporating different themes and motifs within each song and somehow tying them all together to produce a cohesive record. The UK-based breakthrough artists have produced a variety of music for everyone to carefully sort through and get acquainted with, eventually leading them into that “Aha! I really like this one!” moment. Little Mix’s ability to release material that is not as similar as the other things they’ve done in the past assures their fans that they are not going to disappoint when it comes to giving them something shiny and new.

Rating: 7.5/10

(by Dana Reandelar)

Written by Catherine Powell

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