Last night’s episode honestly FREAKED me out. But what episode doesn’t?
Here are the important facts:
– Danny admits to having Aunt Tara’s necklace after Regina’s murder. I can’t blame Lacey or Jo for being pissed.
– Coach Chandler gets fired from Green Grove High School for covering for Danny’s little lie. Oh shit.
– All of a sudden, Archie’s attitude about Danny has changed 180 degrees. Something’s fishy here. You just don’t change an opinion on someone you’ve been shitting on.
– A company named Marna INC. filed for a building permit in Green Grove. When Chief Masterson went to find those files, they were gone. HOW? Vikram Desai was obviously doing something suspicious with this company… It’s just too sketchy.
– Tyler is too damn flirtatious with Jo to be genuine. I don’t trust him.
– Rico’s mathlete friend, Doug, is what Lacey considers an “amateur porn director.” The creep is sharing a video of Danny and Lacey hooking up. Disgusting.
– Rico spills to Lacey about Jo’s true feelings for Danny… Lacey vows to never let Jo see the video of her and Danny. What a good friend!
– At the school district hearing, Cole admits to not knowing whether Danny poisoned him or not. GOOD JOB, COLE.
– OH MY GOD Mrs. Desai called Regina a whore to Mrs. Crane’s face. Shit got SO real, but Danny ends up getting expelled anyway.
– The video of Danny and Lacey hooking up got forwarded to Sarita’s phone. And Phoebe’s. And Archie’s. And just about everyone else at Green Grove — INCLUDING JO. So much for deleting that video, Doug.

Written by Catherine Powell

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