Last night’s episode of Twisted was relatively calm… Just kidding. Plot twist on plot twist on plot twist. No wonder the show is called Twisted.


  • I understand that Karen is trying to protect Danny, but why the actual fuck is she owning up to murdering Regina? Her supposed motive? Regina and Karen’s husband, Vikram, were in love.
  • Chief Masterson holds Karen Desai for 48 hours, and tells Danny he has to stay at his place since he’s a minor. A bit awkward, considering the chief has this thing of thinking Danny’s a psychopathic murderer. Sucks for Lacey too.
  • If Karen Desai is proven guilty for Regina Crane… it seems as though Danny has to move in with his closest relative. IN ARIZONA. NOOOOOOOOOO. He can’t just leave Jo and Lacey. 🙁
  • Lacey’s dad, Samuel, flew across country for Lacey’s sister’s birthday. And evidently, there is some tension between him and his ex-wife…
  • Between Karen taking the fall for Regina’s murder, and Danny doing the same thing, I honestly don’t understand what’s going on. Is murder a special talent in the Desai family? Danny wants to clear his mother’s name, but I’m pretty sure he just doesn’t wanna move to Arizona… But I can’t exactly blame him.
  • I totally screamed “WHAT THE FUCK” when Jo caught Lacey’s father and Lacey’s sister’s gymnast coach, Mitch, making out in their pantry. Holy shit.
  •  I just about died of laughter when Danny and Chief Masterson came across the “sexy” photos of Principal Tang on his mother’s computer. They weren’t even sexy at all. But ew, his principal and his mother had a fling to keep him in school. Ew, ew, ew.

970137_381389335322524_1858013792_nAt the end of the episode, Danny calls Jo and Lacey for a meeting where he confesses to receiving Regina’s necklace after her murder. Lacey breaks things off with Danny. Jo leaves silently. Who can they trust now?!

Written by Catherine Powell

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