As much as I’d love to talk about that opening scene, I just can’t. My emotions were definitely not prepared to see that much action between Danny and Lacey. Just yet, at least.

Here’s what you might’ve missed last night:

While we’re on the topic of that “couple,” can I just mention how much I hate Lacey’s determination to keep her relationship with Danny a secret? Ugh. Why would you ever want to hide your relationship with such a stud? Do we need to talk about how Romeo and Juliet ended up? Seriously.

RICO. POOR RICO. It’s so sad to watch him awkwardly put his heart on the line especially when he’s completely aware of Jo’s feelings for Danny. Jo Can you say friend zoned? I feel for you, dude. At their usual spot at the diner, Jo decides that she has nothing to lose if she talks to Danny about her feelings. After sending a text message saying that she needs to chat with him, the look on Rico’s face… just killed me.

970289_378604702267654_1488779093_nThe following morning, a hundred red jump ropes were left on the front lawn of Danny’s house. Fucking SICK.

Danny brings up the text message Jo sent him last night. Before she can get a word out, Tyler asks Danny for an interview, and asks Jo out on a date. Worried that he might have interrupted something romantic between Danny and Jo, Danny reassures him that he and Jo are just friends. “She’s like my sister.” OUCH. STAB TO THE HEART MUCH? They both deny his offers, but asks them to find him in case they change their mind.

In the middle of the park dinner picnic Danny planned out for Lacey, a couple masked faces barge in on their date. The masks are of Danny’s face… and they’ve got red jump ropes around their necks. Disgusting.

Jo takes Tyler up on his dinner offer. WHY, JO? WHY? Especially in front of Rico.


Danny agrees to an interview with Tyler for his short film, in exchange for helping him throw a party at his house.

As Tyler conducts his interview, he questions Danny’s feeling on the past pranks. PRANKS? As in plural? As far as the town is concerned, only ONE prank happened. Tyler, Tyler, Tyler… Way to blow your cover.

In the middle of the party, the lights go dim and someone in a Danny mask takes the floor and strangles a dummy, supposedly representing Aunt Tara. It doesn’t get much sicker than that.

Karen Desai admits to killing Regina. UM. WHAT.

Written by Catherine Powell

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