Did anyone else have a heart attack watching last night’s episode? It can’t be just me.

What Happened:

  • Emily moved into Ali’s old room and is super creeped out by it. Um, duh… But she bonds with Ali’s mom and learns the DiLaurentises are getting divorced.
  • Hanna asks Wren to get her into Radley to see Mona to ask her about Cece Drake. Wren refuses and makes a suspicious phone call immediately after. Sketchy.
  • Ezra finds out he is not Malcolm’s father. He cries and calls Aria, but she ignores the call. TEARS.
  • Spencer and Toby visit Dr. Palmer and he implies that Ali’s mother was inside Radley at some point while Toby’s mom was there.
  • Aria and Jake snuggled a lot on a stoop after a karate tournament.
  • Hanna goes into Alli’s old room and we the audience see someone in a mask walk past her from behind. Hanna doesn’t see them.
  • Spencer confronts Mrs. D about what Dr. Palmer said, and Ali’s mom tells a story about Ali and Cece “sharing personalities.” WHAT.
  • Mrs. Hastings visits Mona in Radley and sort of threatens her. Because of the incident, an anonymous tip is made to the police department saying Mrs. H bullied Mona into confessing. She must recuse herself from Ashley’s case, so Ashley no longer has a lawyer.
  • An electrician discovers someone has been living in the DiLaurentis house’s basement and listening to the conversations that happen there. Uh, creepy much.

Things That Are Important:

  • Wren was coloring a photo of red coat. K.
  • Red Coat’s lair has been found… but does she know that?
  • Mrs. D. saw Ali……


  • Mona and Wren are working together.
  • Emily’s mom will be framed for Wilden’s murder.
  • Aria and Ezra will reconnect.

Written by Catherine Powell

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