I’m still shaking from last night’s Breaking Bad. Did anyone else have a heart attack? I can’t be the only one…

Here’s what happened:

The episode starts with Todd, Lydia and Todd’s uncles going over Todd’s new meth batch. 76% wouldn’t be bad if it was still blue, but it’s not. Todd says he’ll do better and Lydia agrees. The scene ends on the other end of last week’s phone call, and we now learn that Walter is hiring Todd’s uncles to kill Jesse. Officially anti-Walt.

Jesse is full of good ideas this episode. He tells Hank and Gomez to go after Walt’s money, but they need to solve a scavenger hunt first. They start by tricking Saul’s bodyguard into thinking Jesse is dead (with a very disturbing photo of Jesse and some meat on the floor) and then saying Huell next on Walt’s list. It’s bull, but Huell believes it and shares all his information on the van, barrels of money, and the shovel.

While this is going on, Walt meets up with Todd’s uncle to discuss Jesse’s assassination. He doesn’t want money for the kill: he wants Walt to cook again so Todd can learn more. Walt agrees that he will do one cook after Jesse is dead.

Jesse is in hiding, so Walt needs to flush him out so the hit men can find him. So Walt heads to Andrea’s house and tells her that Jesse is using again and begs her to give him a call. So she does and leaves a voicemail. Walt leaves satisfied, knowing that Jesse will flip if he thinks Walt is messing with Andrea and Brock because, you know, Walt poisoned the kid once. But Hank hears the voicemail first and figures out what Walt is doing.

Hank sees this as time to strike. They now know that Walt hid his money AND brought the van back covered in dirt. So he concludes the money is buried in the desert. But, you know, there’s a lot of desert in New Mexico. Scheme number two is in the works.

In a small moment of humor, Saul shows up to the car wash and has a great conversation with Walter Jr., which ends in “Don’t drink and drive. But if you do, call me.” Walt goes to talk to Saul about Jesse, Huell (who Saul thinks is missing) and how fucked up everything is. It’s important to note that Saul is wearing a pink shirt, which in Breaking Bad world, symbolizes destruction caused by Walt. Think the pink teddy bear in season two, and Jesse’s last name – PINKman. Who has Walt fucked up more than Jesse? Anyway, this small moment of humor eludes that something bad is about to happen. This is where my heart starts racing.

Back to Hank and Jesse… Jesse sends Walt a photo of cash in a barrel, claiming to have found all of Walt’s money. Walt immediately panics and gets in the car. Jesse calls Walt, threatening to burn all of Walt’s money as Walt risks death speeding down the highway to his desert hiding spot. For a second I really thought that Jesse was telling the truth – he was that angry. But then I realized what he and the DEA team were doing. Walt shouts back, saying he’s always been on Jesse’s side and everyone he’s killed has been to protect Jesse. Walt has stated before he’s done all his bad deeds to save his family, which concludes once and for all that Jesse is part of Walt’s family.

Walt arrives at his desert spot and quickly realizes he’s been fooled. He hides behind a rock and calls Todd’s uncle to tell him Jesse is coming, but then spots a car coming. He realizes that Hank and Gomez are with Jesse and Walt has finally been caught. He tells the hit crew to forget about it (after he gave the coordinates of his location) and sheds one single tear.

After a lot of yelling on Hank’s end, Walt emerges from his hiding spot, drops his gun and puts his hands up. Hank handcuffs him while Jesse grins. Jesse makes a significant note: this is the first place the two of them ever cooked together. Remember how Walt was about to turn himself in in that very spot? It finally happened. Hank gives Walt his rights with a big smile as Walt stares at Jesse and calls him a coward. So Jesse spits in his face. SO solid.

Hank calls Marie on the verge of happy tears, which results in happy tears from Marie. He tells her it may be awhile before he comes home and hangs up. At this point, Walt is in Hank’s car and Jesse is in Walt’s car. Hank and Gomez are both still outside when Todd, his uncle and the entire hit crew pull up – all with guns. Walt tries to warn Hank in a last ditch effort to protect his family, and then shouts for Jack to stop. But Jack doesn’t care what Walt wants – he just wants a cook.

The episode concludes with a firefight, with no indication of who lives or dies. And then I couldn’t breathe for a few minutes.

Who do you think died?

Written by Catherine Powell

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