Last night’s episode of Breaking Bad started right where the season premiere left off. Walter leaves Hank’s garage and tries to get ahold of Skyler, only to realize Hank has already gotten ahold of her. Walter speeds away in hopes of finding her.

Thinking Hank knows everything, Skyler nervously goes to meet him at the diner. After a few minutes, she learns that he knows nothing about her involvement and tries to leave. Hank grabs her, hoping she’ll stay, and she begins screaming, “am I under arrest?”

Walter heads to Saul’s office to hatch out a plan while Saul’s henchmen leave to get Walt’s money from his storage unit. They return, and Walt finds a spot to bury the money in the desert.

While Walt is off digging, Marie confronts Skyler, and the two get into a huge fight. Marie slaps Skyler and tries to take baby Holly out of the house. Hank advises her not to, and they leave.

Walt returns home, and Skyler figures out what he did with the money. He then passes out on the bathroom floor, and Skyler learns the cancer is back. They agree to stay quiet about Walt’s business.

Hank goes back to work and learns Jesse has been arrested. The episode ends with Hank walking into Jesse’s interrogation room.

Written by Catherine Powell

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