Pop duo Amy Renee Heidemann and Nick Noonan, popularly known as Karmin, have released their debut full-length record “Pulses” and it is sensational.  Famous for their YouTube cover of Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now,” Karmin does not fall short in proving to their fans that their own music are just as incredible as their covers.

“Pulses” opens with intro track “Geronimo” and jumps into the super catchy, potential radio hit, “Pulses.” This first track, which happens to be one of my favorites from this release, showcases Nick’s vocals and Amy’s distinguished rapping skills, which are both present throughout the entire album. “Acapella” is a track that has been surfacing for a while now, and it served as a preview of what fans are in for.  “Neon Love” is very different from the rest of the tracks because it starts out with Karmin’s pretty vocals and an accompanying piano. As expected, this song builds and evolves into this nice, slow pop ballad – giving the record variation. “I Want It All” also changes up the mood a bit with its salsa-disco dance vibe. “Drifter” comes after this song, making the record jolt back up into its high-energy nature.

Fans should watch out for “Gasoline,” a track that starts out with Nick’s vocals and goes into a very catchy chorus by Amy. The combination of their voices in the harmonies strings the song together really wonderfully, making it incredibly an solid track. “Hate to Love You” is another potential favorite because of how easy it is to sing along to.

Although they could easily have picked a more suitable closing track from the pool, “What’s In It For Me” still maintained the record’s upbeat pop quality and the last few bars were strong. Karmin have exceeded expectations and their fans all over the world are surely going to adore this record that took almost two years to make. It was well worth the wait though, considering how well put-together this debut record is.

Released just in time for that “driving with the windows down weather,” you can expect to hear a bunch of songs from this thirteen-track outfit blasting out of numerous people’s cars on the freeway. “Pulse” is very energetic and highly charismatic, and radio stations all over the world are bound to catch up to this idea.


Rate: 9/10


(By Dana Reandelar)

Written by Dana

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