After signing with Cash Money Records, Chris Richardson, is poised for a stardom with the release of his debut solo single, “Joy & Pain” [Featuring Tyga]. This year, Chris helped drive Tyga’s hit single “Far Away” to sales exceeding 300,000, and he stands primed to repeat that success with his new single which was released in August. Check out what scares Chris the most in his guest blog!

I consider myself a pretty brave individual and don’t get scared too easy…but I do have a few fears and phobias. I get freaked out every time I walk into one of those invisible spider webs. I mean, you really have to witness my reaction to get the gist. It’s not so much the web that freaks me out, but not knowing where the spider is that gets to me. I do have a fear of being buried alive. Claustrophobia mostly, but just the thought of it creeps me out. So much so I’de rather not even elaborate. I used to fear tornados until I laso’ed one of them bad boys out the sky one time. Oh, one more thing, the Unsolved Mysteries theme music used to scare the $hit outta me as a kid. Even if I just heard the intro, I still had nightmares. Needless to say, Im glad that show is retired.

Written by Catherine Powell