In a world where pop stars have turned to loud antics to promote their music, Debby Ryan emerges quietly with a unique voice and powerful lyrics with the aide of her band, The Never Ending. In their debut EP, One, Debby and her boys have side-swiped all expectations attached to Disney stars and have proven their value in the indie-rock world. The five-song record starts off with the band’s first single, “Mulholland Drive,” a gorgeous ballad that shows off Ryan’s delicate vocals. But tranquility is quickly interrupted by the powerful rock track, “Ruthless.” The pace slows down again with “Before I Go Upstairs” before the One’s standout song, “Call Me Up,” kicks in. “Call Me Up” is angry, spiteful and everything a revenge song should be. One concludes with a waltz. Yes, a waltz. “When The Dark Falls” is honest, raw and tugs at the insomniac in everyone. Guitarist Kyle Moore’s and producer Chase Ryan’s back-up vocals support Debby’s inimitable, passionate singing. As the EP closes, there’s a longing for more. In a sea of cookie-cutter artists being pumped out of Disney’s machine, Debby Ryan is different. She effortlessly forges her own path among the bland, teenage expectations placed on the typical actress-turned-singer. But that’s probably because that’s not what she is; she’s a songwriter and a musician – not just a pretty girl with a good voice.  One is something special, and places The Never Ending in the fast lane to longevity.

Rating: 9/10

Written by Catherine Powell

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