Some fear their first show will be a train wreck — others live it. Moonlight Bride guitarist Justin Grasham survived the wreckage to tell NAKED all about it.

Justin Grasham: My first show ever was at a park in Dayton, TN with my first band, Heroes Were Human.  We played with a band called Frankly Scarlet from Chattanooga and a band from our hometown of Dayton called My Girlfriend Roger (surprisingly enough, they weren’t a queer-core band, but they sure liked Blink 182). We were pretty much an emo band with breakdowns!  We set up our stuff and as I’m soundchecking, I break my high E string on my guitar!  After putting a new string on there, we were good to go.  We couldn’t hear our singer at all and all you could hear was drums.  Also, the other guitar player’s guitar was tuned a half step too high to what we tuned to…for the whole show!  I had my bridge pickup on my guitar crap out on me and I ended up breaking the SAME STRING I replaced before the set!  It was a trainwreck, but it was a blast!

My first show with Moonlight Bride was about 3 1/2 years ago at the Preservation Pub in Knoxville, TN.  I had been hanging out with the guys for over a month or so, learning the material and everything, and I remember that it was a really cold night in November, right around Thanksgiving.  We were the only band on the bill that night and we ended up playing the same set back to back!  At the end of our second set, Justin was telling the 12 people there that once again, this was our last song.  These two middle aged men just got there and were kinda heckling us about being done already.  I walked up to the mic, looked at the guys and proceeded to tell them something to the extent of ‘you snooze, you lose’ and dedicated the song to them, and wished one of them a Happy Birthday (it wasn’t, but it shut ’em up).  After that, the same two dudes stopped us and talked to us for a minute.  They were basketball coaches from the University of Kentucky, up there for some tournament.  They ended up buying us shots of whiskey and shooting the shit with us for a little bit, so I guess they liked what they heard, hahaha!  

Moonlight Bride — Lemonade — Twin Lakes EP

Written by Catherine Powell