Pop duo MKTO consisting of Malcolm Kelley (previously known from LOST) and Tony Oller (previously known from movies such as “The Purge” and Disney Channel’s “As The Bell Rings”) have released their first album; self-titled simply as “MKTO”. MKTO is full of catchy pop hits that get you wanting to sing along and get you inspired to do the most with your life. These two guys are the perfect complements for one another with Oller’s smooth and toned voice paired against Kelley’s raps to create a seriously unique musical sound.

Songs like “Thank You” and “American Dream” are laced with calls to arms that make you as a listener want to get up and not only change your life, but change the lives around you. The hit single “Classic” showcases a cool, retro beat with matching lyrics like “I thrill you like Michael, I want to kiss you like Prince… Let’s get it on like Marvin Gaye” alongside Kelley’s lines that make their way through history: “A star in the 40’s, centerfold in the 50’s”. “Wasted” is one of the two necessary ballads on the album but despite its slow tempo, it feels very honest, stripped down and raw as opposed to a song that just happens to be slow because the album is in need of one.

Truly the only downfall to this album is the track “Nowhere”. This is especially upsetting because this is the song that showcases Malcolm’s vocals away from his raps but it misses the mark. With lackluster lyrics forming a mediocre base and a basic and repetitive chorus, “Nowhere” is the one track that could very easily deleted from your music collection. Aside from that, this album features some of the most different and exciting pop songs that have been released recently.

Personal favorites: “American Dream”, “Could Be Me” and “Goodbye Song”

Rate: 9/10

(written by Bailey Munson)

Written by Bailey

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