We are all so familiar with the popular statement “I’m Ready!” From our dear old friend SpongeBob Sqaurepants but AJR gives it a different spin on their first single, “I’m Ready“. This with it’s SpongeBob voice over and catchy verses, this song is definitely going to be stuck in your head for a good week.

After “I’m Ready” comes there artistic follow up single, “Infinity”. This song is sweet and adorable with a sad twist on, just like Hot Chelle Rae’s “Bleed”. This song reflects a break up and how upset he is about it and how he just wants to redo the whole thing and have it last for infinity and beyond.

Living Room definitely gives you a pop vibe with songs like “Woody Allen”, “Big Idea”, “The World is a Marble Heart” and “My Calling”. But AJR doesn’t just stop with the upbeat songs they slow it down with “The Green and the Town” and “Big White Bed”. AJR knows how to shake it up!

We’re either friends or enemies of thirsty Thursdays, well, ARJ have expressed that they are indeed fans of thirsty Thursdays with the song “Thirsty”. “We are young but we can make it rain, It’s Thirsty Thirsty Thursday.” They sing as you imagine taking 4 shots in a row. AJR may have created the next hottest song for Thursdays and clubs.

All in all, Living Room has many different sounds from different songs but altogether the songs and sounds make it flow together just like a rainbow of sounds that blend perfectly together. AJR has definitely proved themselves.

(by Kate Lerner)

Written by Catherine Powell

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