Four years after Mat Kearney’s last album came out, he’s back into the game with JUST KIDS.  This album starts off with “Heartbreak Dreamer” a Bruce Springsteen-sque kind of sound.  The song gives the listeners a little bit of hope that everything will be okay. This is definitely giving you a feel for this album.

The next song on the album is called “Moving On”. With this song Kearney gives you the hope and strength to get through the rough patch in your life.  You want to let it go and getting rid of the ghost that haunts you.  Kearney’s John Mellencamp/Ed Sheeran sound gives it the perfect angle for the oncoming warmer months.

The title track “Just Kids” is an anthem song.  With lines like “’Cause it was Bell Biv DeVoe, playing on my radio and I had Wu-Tang Clan living in my stereo” and “I was rocking in Jordans with reflector tongues” reminds listeners that we may grow up but we will always be just kids at heart.

The rest of the album has the same sort of message with songs like “Heartbeat”, “Los Angeles”, and “One Heart”. Kearney can write sounds that are upbeat and feel good but his ballads are just as powerful.  “Ghost” is a powerful song about letting go of the past and the ghost of the person that hurt you.

JUST KIDS draws clear inspiration from fun. and gives the listeners a story about how it’s okay not to go grow up on in the inside but to make yourself feel so good about moving on and having the time of your life. It gives you a peace of mind. Kearney really brought it on this album.

(by Kate Lerner)

Written by Catherine Powell

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