We caught up with California’s PK to discuss the pros and cons of illegal music downloading. Check out what they had to say!

Online piracy and the quest for digital booty has affected the music world profoundly.  As a now self proclaimed adult who fears karma I no longer participate in illegal downloading and make it a point to purchase my software and music the legal way.  But with that being said I don’t necessarily believe illegal downloading has been all bad.  When I was young pirate and the holy grail of Napster came into being my world of music changed.  The amount of new music I was exposed to was dizzying.  Before it was just whatever CD’s my older brother had left or friend burned for me.  Many of the bands I still love today were found the illegal way. But I went on to purchase CD’s, shirts, and concert tickets because I found those bands through downloading.  If it were not for my piracy I may have never gotten into the band.  With that being said I don’t discourage people from sharing our band’s music; legally or illegally.  As a band still on the rise I encourage as many new ears as possible to hear our music.  If our music is good then the money we missed out on will come around.  Those people will come to a show, will buy a shirt or buy the next CD.  All we ever want is for people to pass it on.  Burn it for a friend or tell them about us.  Good music speaks for itself and the money will come.  In a way it’s an honor and a compliment if someone wants to download your music.  It means people like it.  So for now I say ‘Arr ye wenches! Download our booty!’

Written by Catherine Powell