This past week I got knocked out by the flu and had to miss a lot of work.  Luckily, I’m healthy now and back at work, but shooting without any rehearsal was crazy hard!  Our new episode this week is lots of fun; super athletic and full of exciting scenes.  Can’t wait for you all to see it! It’s so nice that our new episodes are finally airing. I can’t wait to see the next one they air! (We don’t really get to see the episodes until they air, so we’re kind of just as excited as the audience to see how they turn out!) We love having the whole cast over to my house to watch the episodes and eat and swim on Saturday nights.  Hopefully we can do it again this weekend!


Weekly Music Obsession:
It’s catchy, it’s furry, and it drives some people completely crazy. No, it’s not our Thundermans pet talking bunny Dr. Colosso.  That’s right, it’s “The Fox” by Ylvis! Okay, so I didn’t just discover this one this week.  But we have been singing it nonstop on set a lot recently.  We keep creating our own parodies, mostly using catchphrases of people on the set.  My favorite one so far has been based on our 1st AD, who constantly says “Gots to go!” while shooting.  The song ended up something like “What does the Lee say? GOTS TO GOTS TO GOTS TO GO, GOTS TO…” well, you get the gist.  Diego Velazquez, who plays my little brother on the show, first introduced me to the song when it started getting popular and since then it’s been circulating around set. Sorry if it’s now stuck in your head!


Ideas on Fashion:
Yay! I officially wore my first scarf of the season this week.  Okay, so it’s still 90 degrees out by lunch time.  But it’s cold enough in the morning to wear fall-ish clothes! I just have to remember to wear my tank top underneath to change into! I decided to take off the sparkly copper nail polish I’ve been wearing and go red.  It’s a fun look, and I never wear it, so why not!


Other Kira-Related Randomness:
I’m such a social media dork, and I got way more excited than I should have to hit 10k on Instagram.  Hi, my name is Kira Kosarin and I am a stereotypical teenage girl who takes way too many selfies! At least I know I take a lot.  That’s the first step, right?


Love and Thunder,


Written by Catherine Powell

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