Thunder and Halo:
This week’s episode of “Thundermans” was so much fun to shoot! We have four teenaged girl guest stars. Between the selfies, the high teenaged girl voices, the boy talk, and the coffee obsessions, we’re driving Jack (Griffo, who plays my brother) completely insane. Plus, we keep having dance parties to super old songs (like the stuff we were obsessed with in 6th grade) in my dressing room. He’s going out of his mind. Oh well! Brothers and sisters are supposed to drive each other crazy, right? On an unrelated note, last Sunday, the cast and I attended the Teen Nick HALO Awards. The event was a lot of fun and such a cool cause. The four teen honorees doing good for their communities were so inspiring and deserving of the awards. I wore a super “Kira-ish” dress, AKA pink, sparkly, and covered in feathers, but I’ll get to that later…

Weekly Music Obsession:
Like I said before, the girls and I are having a major throwback music week. I’m talking Aly & AJ, the Veronicas, Selena Gomez—full out 7th grade-style dance parties. The fact that we still know every word to these tunes is a little sad, but we fully accept that we were typical music-obsessed middle schoolers who have an unnecessarily large portion of our brains sectioned off for lyrics.

Fashion Thoughts of the Week:
I’m just going to say it: nail polishes that look pretty in the bottle and come out clear on your nails are the reason I have trust issues. Okay, I don’t really have trust issues, but I do have a lot of misleading nail polishes. I wanted to do my nails to match my HALO dress (the pink, sparkly, feathery one), so I gathered eight different pale pink colors. Six of them were completely translucent. #thestruggleissoreal. I ended up testing them all with the help of Amber Montana (“The Haunted Hathaways”), Ryan Newman (“See Dad Run”), Audrey Whitby (“So Random”/“The Thundermans”) and a few other girls’ night companions. Luckily, we found one color that matched the dress, but those first six polishes just wanted to mess with my head.

Well, that’s all for now. Check out my Instagram @kirakosarin for lots more HALO pics!
Love and Thunder,

Written by Catherine Powell

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