My Life as a Thunderman:
This week we started shooting our 15th episode of “The Thundermans.”  We just came back from a two week break.  It went so quickly, and yet somehow it feels like it’s been forever since we’ve been on set. We have a super exciting guest star this week too! Can’t say who yet (spoiler alert) but it’s really cool! Plus, the show finally had its official series premiere a week ago! It was so exciting.  The whole cast came over and celebrated. Anyway, I was super busy these past few weeks, but I still made time for my weekly music obsession!

Weekly Music Obsession:
This week I can’t stop singing “Brave” by Sara Bareilles! I saw her open for Katy Perry in concert and she sang this song.  I love Sara Bareilles and know most of her music, but somehow this song slipped by me! When she sang it at the concert I loved it right away, and as soon as I got home I had to learn it and listen to it nonstop! Check out my cover below!

Weekly Fashion Ideas:
Fall is finally here! And sure, I love Autumn because it’s my birthday season (just turned 16, woo hoo!), but I mostly love it because it means Fall fashion! Okay, it may not actually get cold enough here in California for heavy duty sweaters and boots, but some lightweight sweaters and knee socks are sure to find their way to the front of my closet! My favorite fall trend though? Fall nails! I am absolutely obsessed with this new color I just got.  It’s a sparkly copper color, and I’ve had it on pretty much all Fall so far! It’s a great accessory – you don’t need jewelry to give a pop of color or sparkle to your outfits, just add sparkly nails! (Or if you don’t love sparkles, blacks and purples are always lovely!) And for guys? You can rock a fall wardrobe too!

Well, that’s it for this entry.  See you all soon!

Love and Thunder,
Kira <3

Written by Catherine Powell


Jeanee James


Your light and energy is felt clear out here in sunny Florida. Looking forward to watching your amazing career. You are beautiful inside and out. Congratulations!!

Robbie Katz

Always watching and listening for you, keeping up with your talent, applauding your successes.

Syed Ali Akhtar Thunderman

hi kira kosarin i am ali i am your biggest fan from your show the thundermans


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