“Crunch!” Yell your leather boots as they step down on the beautiful mess of yellows and oranges and reds. Trees stand tall and bare around you, as people sprint around them, desperate to beat the long line for Peppermint Hot Chocolate (a must have if you haven’t tried one yet!) from Starbucks. What is this glorious time, you ask? Fall is finally here and I’m absolutely overjoyed.


In my opinion, fall is the best season of them all. Not just because of my birthday, but because of the little things that help make this season rock. I love the feeling of being bundled up in my favorite oversized sweater with leggings and tall brown Uggs. Fall is my favorite in between because I don’t have to sweat 24/7 from summer or wear five layers of coats for winter.


For the past three years (this fall making it a fourth) I’ve always been filming my TV show Shameless in Los Angeles during wonderful autumn, which makes this season even better. Halloween in Los Angeles is amazing — with masses of people who play make believe for a living running around in totally believable and scary costumes. Last year right before Halloween, we wrapped filming on location at 11:30 at night, and my friends and I decided it’d be fun to go to Horror Nights at Universal Studios. So after making hot chocolate from craft service on set, we headed right to the god of horrors. The whole entire night I was screaming and covering my eyes from pure fear. If you’re in the L.A. area, I highly recommend Horror Nights at Universal Studios, it’s the best and you’ll absolutely love it.


This year for Halloween, I want to have a really good costume and I’ve been brainstorming since June (you think I’m kidding). Last Halloween, I wanted to be a 1950s porcelain doll, but it looked more like Pocahontas goes Alice in Wonderland, so this year needs to be good.


During the fall, I take pumpkin carving and decorating for Halloween very seriously. For the past three years of filming in the fall, I’ve always gotten a little pumpkin and carved it for our on-set school room and decorated the room with fake spider webs and monsters and lights and stickers. I live in New Jersey (and no, I don’t know Snooki) so I’m still not used to the 24/7 summer in California. I like the change of the seasons, having to swap your flip flops for moccasins and your moccasins for snow boots and your snow boots for Greek sandals and your Greek sandals for flip flops yet again, I like the change it gives out. But even though fall in La La Land is mostly in the mid 70s, I like to pretend it’s not and wear sweaters and jeans anyways. I own more sweaters than anything else, I think. It’s kind of a problem, actually. I’m anxiously waiting for your arrival, Sept. 22, aka the first day of fall. I’ve got my Starbucks order memorized (Pumpkin Spice Latte!), the TV clicked to NFL (go Jets!) and an apple pie with my name on it ready, so come quickly, fall! I adore you and am so thrilled you’re almost here.

What’s your favorite season and why?

Written by Catherine Powell

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