When All Time Low returned to Hopeless Records after producing their 2011 album, Dirty Work, with Interscope Records, the band’s creative sparks began to ignite. Those sparks grew into the fire that is their newest release, Don’t Panic.

The quartet’s first single back on Hopeless, “The Reckless and the Brave,” released in June, was a sample of what was to come. It was damn good. The “Long live us” anthem was pure rock — it was an appetizer that left listeners hungry for more.

The single brought back the essence of a youthful, alternative-oriented All Time Low from earlier years. And for both old and new listeners, that was a good thing. However, Don’t Panic is not their 2006 release, Put Up Or Shut Up. It’s similar to So Wrong It’s Right (2007)but not quite. It is not Nothing Personal (2009) and a comparison to Dirty Work would be unjust. Don’t Panic is a steamy melting pot of All Time Low’s best work compiled into 12 stunning tracks, ready to give fans exactly what they want.

With the other singles off Don’t Panic, “Somewhere In Neverland” and four-chord hit “For Baltimore,” All Time Low managed to stay true to their familiar roots while experimenting with hints of dirty rock. This band can rock out both in major and minor keys, and do it well. These tracks are their past, present, and future.

Final thoughts? Long live All Time Low.


Rating: 9/10

Written by Catherine Powell