Go Radio’s studio album Close The Distance is not one to be forgotten — rather, it’s their most memorable yet. After tons of touring and their debut release with the gritty Lucky Street in 2011, Close The Distance has a differing fresh pop-rock feel that doesn’t stray far enough from their roots to turn uncomfortable. But what really stands out? Frontman Jason Lancaster’s vocals about love and hope are as gut-wrenching and emotionally driven as ever.

 The 11-track album is a mix of ballads and infectious tracks driven by catchy hooks and melodies that will get stuck in your head all day. The prime suspect? “Go To Hell,” a rock anthem just begging for radio play and mainstream success. Who doesn’t want to shout a big “Go to hell!” to their exes sometimes? “Close The Distance” fits perfectly as the album’s title, a song for every generation to relate to and the piano driven ballad “What If You Don’t” is one of those songs that can’t leave any emotional sound people unmoved.

Though it’s a solid follow-up to Lucky Street and an album I’ll be blasting during a drive on a fall afternoon, some of the tracks fade in to the background with a sound that just isn’t as distinctive as I hoped they’d be. But you can’t win them all. There are still some gems in Close The Distance and some great stories that deserve to be heard.

Written by Catherine Powell