You may know The Boyle Brothers from this year’s X-Factor, but the brothers were up to a lot more in 2012. Check out what the band consider their most important moments of the year!

We are a group of 4 brothers that have been in the music industry for over 8 years! In 2012 we have had some pivital moments in our career. One of them, is focusing more on our fans, which have become even more important part of our group. We started out the year with about 1,000 fans which is now over 19,000 and keeps growing everyday. Along the way our fans decided they needed a name and came up with JKREW which we thought was cool because all 4 of our names start with the letter J! So, it stuck! Our JKREW family has truely become a HUGE part in our growth last year. As we found our JKREW we decided to go one step further to connect with them on a personal level. So, Music Mondays was developed! It’s a live twitcam we do every Monday @ 5 PM CST which might include JKREW questions, singing, or a possible random phone call to one of our viewers. Its become something we look forward to so we get a chance to know our supporters better and hopefully they get to know us better too. Another moment in 2012, was we got to be on the television show, XFACTOR, which we went to Bootcamp. The experience of being a part of a TV show was a great opportunity to meet other musicians and see what its really like behind the scenes. It was a great moment in our career that we can look back on and say we were there! As we move forward in 2013, we look forward to heading back into the studio and recording some of our original music for our EP and performing. We have started out the year with an exciting opportunity that we hope to be able to share with you soon. As we look back at our 2012 moments, we realize they were awesome and know that 2013 will only be better! 

Written by Catherine Powell