Any band guy or gal will tell you exactly what’s up with a variety of films. We’ll we’re ecstatic about our favorite Star Wars or Star Trek. Maybe there’s some foreign film one of our art school pals made, that made us get real heady. Could be that a rerun of a television gem has come to our attention. But no matter what medium, there is one genre that all of us musicians know best. Music films. Whether a rock doc, band bio, hot drama, or comedic satire….this week we are talking about the must see music films that you just gotta add to your weekend viewing. Or as all musicians do…..whenever you got a spare moment from travel, parties, rehearsals, gigs, mid luncheons or bridge club. What’s a weekend anyways?

Spinal Tap. The greatest rock band to ever replace a drummer, or 12. You can’t teach someone how to rock, it is born. Such was Spinal Tap. Amps go to 11, wives interfere, members bicker, pods don’t open, yet nothing….is more black than the cover of Spinal Tap’s self tilted record. You can almost see yourself in it. Required watching for rock pompous, band dichotomy, and a soundtrack full of tunes you’ll need more than a double bass for.

24 Hour Party People. A non stomp romp through the myth, legend, and lore of Manchester’s Factory Records. Featuring tons of cameos and with some creative and accounted recollections, this piece of tape links a community, city, and music scene. Record contracts written in blood. Dead pigeons. Albums without vocals. Whether you are Mad For It or just dance to Joy Division, this flick is a must watch for all fans of Brit culture.

Hard Days Night. Speaking of the island of cool, the Fab Fours first silver debut. Although the writer of these opinions is a huge fan of Help! You really can’t help but appreciate the classic story of a couple mop tops playing to real life…or mimicking. So even though I’m telling you to see how clean Paul’s uncle is, maybe the scene with ‘Hide Your Love Away’ is worth a view too. Help! Is officially on the list.

Walk Hard. All of us in Hedley agree this may be the most non-fictional piece of fiction we have ever seen. It’s a natural progression in your music movie binge. Stealing everyone’s story and making it his own, Dewey Cox does exactly what any A-type music celebrity would do in his situation. Everything. Twice.

HardCore Logo. The greatest Canadian Punx who didn’t quite make it. A great piece of footage from Canadian director Bruce McDonald. These group of rejects really tug your heart strings and end with a bang. Not for the faint of heart or family friendly. I will note that if you ever have a Herbies burger in Cache Creek they are divine. Just remember to wake up your drummer if he wants his own.

Happy viewing.

Written by Catherine Powell

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