So we leave for tour this week! We’re so stoked to get back on the road! It’s gonna be pretty weird going back to all these cities that we went to on Warped Tour now that its fall! We expect to not sweat as much! Haha. We’re looking forward to hanging with our friends in Tonight Alive and For the Foxes again too. We got to know them pretty well this summer and its going to be great to see them all again. We’re definitely going to be mixing up our set a whole bunch on this next run of shows. So make sure to learn all the words, because you don’t know which songs we might be playing if you come out and see us. We have some very new and exciting things to show everyone on the road!

One of our favorite things to do while on the road is trying new restaurants, taco carts and coffee shops in all these different cities. We always try to get a good vibe of everywhere we go on tour. So PLEASE let us know if you have any recommendations of a place to try in your city. We’re so looking forward to going out and meeting everyone so try and make it out to a show cause we’d love to meet you!

Here we are rehearsing for tour:


Written by Catherine Powell

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