We get it. Age of IgnoranceOur Last Night‘s third studio release with Epitaph Records, is nothing like their debut The Ghosts Among Us (2004) or their sophomore powerhouse We Will All Evolve (2008). Frontman Trevor Wentworth swaps his guttural screams to join his brother, singer and guitarist Matt Wentworth, on boring melodies that never lead to the gut-wrenching breakdowns you’ve come to expect from the post-hardcore five-piece. Now what?

Now listen to the album again.

The 10-track rock hybrid produced by David Bendeth (Paramore, Underoath, Chiodos) opens with the epic, soul-searching track “Fate” where Trevor yells the same question we’re all wondering: “Is this the song I’m supposed to sing?” For the most part, the answer is yes. The now 19-year-old screamer-turned-singer sports vocals that are unpolished enough to convince us that this is still an Our Last Night record, even though the electronic, post-dub track “Invincible” almost tempts us to rummage through our CD collection for Linkin Park’s “Meteora” to find which song they sampled from. Even still, tracks like “Conspiracy” and “Liberate Me” chug on with true OLN brutality, so don’t panic.

But let’s face it — it’s not 2004. So OLN spared us the nose-pinched vocals and shrill, pre-pubescent screams this time around and gave us a less-than groundbreaking experimental rock album that shreds in enough places for you to get psyched about sucker punching some dude in a moshpit at next year’s Warped Tour.

We’ll take it.

Rating: 7/10

Written by Catherine Powell