If you have optimum cable and you’re anything like me, you still tune into the TeenNick to watch your favorite preteen shows like Zoey 101 or Unfabulous. Not only were TeenNick shows relatable, but you totally wanted to go to PCA…



5.  Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide –admittedly, I have seen every episode of Ned, from the first say of seventh grade, to the show’s hour long finale where Ned and Moze finally get together. The show was totally relaeable, while not all the time realistic, as it showed Ned, a prepubescent shrimpy white middle schooler, and his two best friends, Simon Nelson “Cookie” Cook and Jennifer “Moze” Mosely as they provided the viewers tips for surviving everything in middle school – from crushes to taking notes to being organized. Thanks to Ned, middle school was a lot easier!


4. Unfabulous – Also another surviving middle school bible. This one focused on a more feminine point of view as it followed Addie Singer from 6th to 8th grade as she sung her way on her guitar through her problems. The series ended pretty dramatic, but we all knew her and her longtime crush Jake Bahari would end up together in the end.


3.  All That (the later series): I’m not talking about the Lori Beth Dinberg, redheaded kid named Danny All That, but the one featuring Jamie Lynn Spears and Giavonnie Samuels one. Though it endd in 2005, the second generation of all that wasn’t as great as the first but still made us giggle brought by a group of some talented kids. (I mean, Amanda Bynes is great… but look at her now!)



2. Zoey 101- so this pretty much inspired my entire post because the show is literally on every day. Britney Spears’ younger sister Jamie Lynn (pre-pregnancy) plays preteen Zoey who is pretty much perfect and a leader and is the greatest to all of her friends. We all wanted to be Zoey – she was pretty, nice, and admired by all. We watched as Zoey entered Pacific Coast Academy, a newly co-ed fictional private school, where she made a core group of friends (Nicole, Dana, Quinn, Lola, Chase, Michael and Logan) and grew up in front of our eyes. The show starts when she’s in seventh grade and runs all the way to when the group is seniors (oops, the show ended because Jamie Lynn got pregnant, spoiler alert.) but it was an awesome show that made my middle and high school look extremely lame.

drake old

1. Drake and Josh- the people who I’ve asked all agree – Drake and Josh was literally the best show on TV. Centered around two step-brothers who are totally different, Drake and Josh was relateable and funny. Cool kid Drake Parker and nerd Josh Nichols hate each other at first, but come the end of the series the two end up learning from each other as throughout the series they get into sticky situations, like crashing a dune buggy and pretending to be doctors. Come on, you’ve probably seen every epsode and it still has you laughing, which is why it ranks #1 on the list.

Written by Alison

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