The Inside a Dream Tour – New York, NY

It’s an interesting time to be Echosmith. In the midst of a reinvention, the band of siblings hit the road for their headlining Inside a Dream Tour, which stopped at Irving Plaza in New York last weekend. After the massive success of their debut album, Talking Dreams and its lead single “Cool Kids”, there’s a lot of pressure on their next move. If their performance on this trek is any indication, they have nothing to worry about. Songs that they’ve been playing for nearly five years felt fresh and reimagined, and their new material is a cut above their previous release. The growth in songwriting is evident and lead singer Sydney Sierota’s stage presence is more commanding than ever. When they played their current single, “Over My Head”, the audience reacted as if it was the biggest song on the radio – which, it very well might be one day. Check out some photos from the show!

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