Issue #64: October 2016

Issue #64: October 2016

Featuring: Victoria Justice, Ryan Follese, Young Rising Sons, Landry Bender, Cheat Codes, Symon, Brooke Eden, Frenship, Walker Hayes, Cailee Rae, Evan Roe

7 thoughts on “Issue #64: October 2016”

  • Victoria is luminous as usual in October NKD. Especially like the pant suit and scarf because the colors are brilliant on her. Sad to read some fans were not supportive of her role in Rocky Horror. It’s network TV, for Heaven’s sake, and the “suggestive” parts amount to her appearing in bra and slip, singing a comedic, slightly naughty song in the campy spirit of the production. I think she made an excellent choice in taking the roll as Janet. I loved “Victorious” as well, but she is not a 17-year-old ‘tween star anymore, and fans can expect her to sit on a shelf like a play doll among their childhood memories. She’s allowed to grow like the rest of us..

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