Reflection – Fifth Harmony

Reflection – Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony are living proof that third place is not a losing position. Lauren Jauregui, Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane Hanson, Ally Brooke Hernandez and Normani Kordei have given the music industry a modern day Spice Girls. The quintet was formed in 2012 on The X Factor and things have only gone up from there. The girls have shown the world that nothing, not even coming in third on a TV show is stopping them from having the number one album in country.

Reflection has taken the top spot on the charts after dropping February 3rd, 2015.  Due to the album being pushed back multiple times, fans were bursting with anticipation and the girls of Fifth Harmony did not disappoint. With tracks such as “BOSS” and “Sledgehammer” leading up the big release, fans were able to get a sneak peek into what the album was going to be like. There are only two words to describe this album and they are “girl power”.

The album has a much more mature sound than their previous EP, Better Together. The girls’ show off their vocal range and switch to a more R&B sound rather than their bubble gum pop that they previously sounded like. Songs that stIck out most off of Reflection are “Like Mariah”, “Going Nowhere”, “Worth It”, “Reflection” and “Brave, Honest Beautiful”.

“Like Mariah” brings back an old favorite, “Always Be My Baby”. A few notes from Mariah Carey’s hit song plus vocals from the girls were the perfect combo. Trust us when we say this song was an inevitable hit. Dinah Jane, the powerhouse vocalist of the group really gave this song the extra umph that it needed, they couldn’t have gone wrong with this one.

“Going Nowhere” was a song they sang on their previous tour with Austin Mahone. This song instantly became a fan favorite and stayed that way once the album dropped. The beat and overlapping vocals of Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui guaranteed this song to be huge.

“Worth It” was another song released before the entire album was available and it is the most mature song on the album. With lyrics such as: “Come harder just because / I don’t like it, like it too soft / I like it a little rough / not too much, but maybe just enough”. This song was an absolute game changer and proved that Fifth Harmony is indeed growing up. The chorus was sang by Normani Kordei who led the song the whole way through, and we are glad she did. Did we mention Kid Ink rapped on this track?

“Reflection” is a song off the album you will not be able to forget and not only because it’s the album title. This song represents confidence and girl power, which is what Fifth Harmony, is all about. Ally Brooke’s vocals are the make and break factor of this song and they 100% make it. This song is an anthem for girls everywhere and any age.

Lastly, “Brave, Honest, Beautiful” closes The album and is certainly one of the best tracks on the album. With help from Megan Trainor, the girls teamed up and made a song that you will be singing for years to come. This song just makes you feel good, it makes you want to dance and most definitely makes you want to sing your heart out. It feels like all the girls are talking to directly to you and making you feel loved, what more could you ask for out of a song?

This album has paved the way for the rest of Fifth Harmony’s career and it looks like success is the only option for this group. This album is worth the buy and worth the listen, you wont be disappointed.  These five girls show nothing but love and acceptance towards everyone from their team to their fans and everyone in between. With personalities sweet as their and voices excellent as theirs, there is no one we would rather support.

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