Crash the Party – Planetary

Crash the Party – Planetary

Ian Reibeisen and Chris Weiss met when they were kids back at tennis camp. Ian overheard Chris strumming the tune to Oasis’s “Wonderwall,” one of his favorite songs, and went over and started singing with him. That was the beginning of an inseparable bond that would eventually lead to the two starting their current band, Crash the Party.

Crash the Party came to be in late 2012. They put out their first album, Come Alive, in 2013 followed by Radiate in 2014.

They’re now about to release their first EP completely produced on their own entitled Planetary. This was largely possible due to all of the support they got from a crowd-funding platform called Patreon, a platform that allows fans to directly support the artists they love by making a small donation every time the band releases something new in exchange for special rewards from the artists themselves.


With this record, Crash the Party’s goal was to write songs that would appeal to the “mainstream pop audience while maintaining a rock sound” and they definitely achieved that.

The first single they released off their EP, “You Know It,” is a sunny pop love song that just makes you feel like dancing on a beach and falling in love. You can just picture a young couple in love grinning stupidly at each other as Ian sings the line, “We can do this all night long / dancing to your favorite song / rock around with air guitars and nothing on our skin.” Spacey synth sounds and dance-y beats create a slightly psychedelic vibe to a more pop song, a sound that travels throughout the whole EP and one that has a fresh take on pop music.

“Pretend” carries over the storyline from “You Know It,” about two people who clearly know they’re in love but need to stop pretending that they don’t feel it and just get together already. Crash the Party took a risk with “Pretend” utilizing a 6/4 time signature rather than the industry standard 4/4 but it works in their favor, adding a unique twist to their sound.

Full of space references, the title track of the album, “Planetary,” is a fun wrap up to the storyline of the EP. It’s a feel good song that makes you want to rocket to the moon with your own shining star by your side.

Planetary is out today so go grab it up and take it on your next trip to outer space.

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